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How to zero waste.

Recycle/ Reduce / Reuse

Here at choosegreen we encourage our local community to shop zero waste.

We all want to try and live in harmony with nature, and be part of the movement that is inspiring an alternative yet easy way to shop.

A lot of the time our produce is being packaged in cheap BPA or propylene packaging that seep into our foods & body care products.

Using zero waste refilling helps reduce the intake of toxins from packaging and reduce the demand. It’s not just food products that can be stripped of their plastic, it is body care, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash, all household products, such as washing up liquid, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner. We stock all of these plus olive oil, rapeseed oil and apple cider vinegar.

And best of all is our full range of food produce.

We carry, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, pulses, grains, pasta, oats, muesli and flour.

We also have a range of sweet treats, our favourite being the raw vanoffe coated cashews.

We hold a full range of herbs, spices, teas and health suppliments of chaga, reishi, spirulina to name a few.

We also use most of these products in our food and drink menus which cuts out so much waste as a business. We are so excited to help convert people to this eco way of shopping and encourage people to either bring in their containers to refill or pick up our pre-packaged food that we have ready to go in bio-degradable packaging.

We all have a responsibility to do our bit and its so fun to really know where you produce is coming from, and be able to select the amount you wish whilst saving the world one scoop at a time!

Check out our retail stock list on our app and come in to meets us and we can talk you through each step so you become a pro!

Simple Zero Wasting:

  • refill food containers

  • refill herbs & spices

  • refill body care

  • refill household

  • reusable tea bags

  • reusable straws

  • reusable cutlery

  • reusable coffee cup

  • reusable make up wipes

  • reusable beauty care

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