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No sexy title for gut health..

Did you know that your overall health begins in the gut?

If the gut is healthy, happy and flourishing then the body and mind will thrive and you will be able to keep diseases at bay as well as allergies, mental health issues, cholesterol, diabetes, constipation, bloating, and diarrhea.

It also keeps up your heart and brain health.

The Microbiome has over 100 trillion bacteria, 500 trillion viruses, plus fungi, plus protists, as well as the rest and it is believed that almost 99% of these are beneficial for our wellbeing with only 10% being heritable.

The rest is the environment you live in and your diet which is great news, as it is way easier to change your diet rather than your genes.

The microbiome is the driving force of our immune system and the control of our digestion. There are AS MANY cells in the Microbiome as there are in our entire body and maybe 1000 more genes.

Keeping up a robust gut is a crucial factor for good health. The microbes can change chemicals within to help you feel better and eat better, keeping you well, they can even create chemicals that your body lacks such as proteins and hormones. The less diverse your microbiome, the less protected and healthy you will be. It is that simple.

There is no need to be vegan, it is simply about eating a good portion of plants, fruits, nuts and leaves every week, the better the variety, the better and more diverse your microbiome will be.

Here at our Pontcanna Eco store we have brought this into our menu and we will have a variety of fermented and live food products that will keep your microbiome thriving, diverse, and alive.


Kimchi is one way that you will be able to boost your gut health and microbiome, supporting your immune system and anti- inflammatory responses.

It is an traditional korean dish that is made from fermented vegetables.

Not only is kimchi super low in calories and is anti-bacterial, it is also high in fiber and is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids such as Vitamin A, B1, B2 and Vitamin C.

It is also rich in iron, calcium and selenium as well as providing probiotic properties to feed your gut universe.


Sauerkraut is also a great source of immune system boosting probiotics and nutrients and is similar to Kimchi.

In this original form found in Germany, it is fermented cabbage but you can now find it being done with beetroot, carrot and even other ingredients such as ginger and garlic also to bring in even more diversity.

Eating foods like this will feed the “good bacteria” in the gut and help keep the “bad bacteria” at bay. This means that the good guys in your gut can line your gut and keep any unwanted substances and toxins away from “leaking” into your body and reducing the risk of bad health and instead promoting good health and digestion.

The enzymes in the sauerkraut assist the microbiome in breaking down the food into more digestible particles which can then be converted into healthy and helpful molecules that the body needs. It is packed with fiber, probiotics, Vitamin K, C, Iron, Manganese, copper and Potassium and any additional minerals and vitamins that will come from whichever vegetables it has been made with, making it hard to resist.

Pickled onion.

Onions contain a very important substance for the good bacteria in the intestines called Inulin. Consuming this in moderation will allow you to maintain a good level of healthy and good bacteria in your gut.

It is believed that whilst cooking breaks down some of the heat-sensitive nutrients found in our daily foods, fermenting actually boosts these properties and preserves their nutritional profile, keeping their antioxidant and probiotics power very strong!

Fresh Sprouts.

Where do we even begin with these...

Not only are they super rich in flavour, but they are also amongst the best foods that you could consume.

They are a germinated seed, at the start of its life, packed right down and bursting with goodness! You can get different types of sprouts such as bean sprouts, vegetable sprouts, nuts and seeds sprouts and even sprouted grains, all providing you with a varied menu of minerals and vitamins that are incredible for your wellbeing.

Fresh sprouts are generally rich in essential minerals and vitamins including zinc, phosphorus and B vitamins. They are a great source of protein and a great boost for the immune system and digestive system, they keep everything flowing and alive! Furthermore, due to them being “raw and live” they will give you a real energy boost so great to have at lunchtime on top of a salad to revive you for the rest of the day.


This awesome drink is a fermented tea that comes from Russia.

Being a product of fermentation it is super rich in awesome properties such as fungi and probiotics, that will keep your microbiome roaring.

Kombucha will act as fuel for your digestive system as well as providing actual microbes themselves for your gut. It is rich in antioxidants keeping those free radicals distant, meaning that you will be well and healthy in body and mind.

When the yeast breaks down the sugars, some vitamins and minerals are produced including vitamin C, B1, B6 and B12 making an excellent drink as not only is it refreshing, it is so good for you and actually classed as medicine.

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